About P.m. Chavez 

Phillip Chavez is the creative visionary behind P.M.Chavez Haberdashery, a fashion forward accessories line handcrafted in the USA.  Raised in Riverside California, Phillip has a diverse professional background. From baking to training show horses the common thread has always been working with his hands.

While training horses he learned the basics of leather repair, starting an interest in the material and it's versatility. That interest grew when, looking for accessories he became frustrated with the quality and size range available for plus size men. So, with a tax refund check in hand to buy the first tools, and a sharp learning curve, P.M. Chavez haberdashery was born. His background in the equestrian industry inspires his unique point of view, incorporating classic American style elements with timeless techniques for truly one of a kind pieces.

Having lived in both mountain and desert communities, Phillip emphasizes durability and quality in his workmanship, and is an ardent supporter of body positivity.